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Real Estate Brokers in Massachusetts

Real Estate Brokers in Massachusetts

Get to Know Our Team of Real Estate Agents

Seas The Day Realty LLC is a team of new and seasoned real estate brokers of scenic properties in Massachusetts. We have been in the industry long enough to know how to find the perfect waterfront property for you. Feel free to get in touch with us to learn more about what we do.

Linda McKeehan

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Linda McKeehan began a company called Plum Island Beach Rental in 1994 and as the business grew she found a great demand for properties on the water for the second time home-buyer and vacationers. As the Plum Island Beach Rentals company expanded a new one emerged and became an intimate part of selling and buying water view and waterfront fashioned for that special buyer and seller on the North Shore. Seas The Day Realty, The New Wave in Real Estate is designed just for You. Joined with new and seasoned agents selling water view and waterfront properties we stand apart from the rest. Seas the Day is now able to provide a full service that extends selling real estate all over Massachusetts.

Our agents are well educated in assisting with financing, explaining forms and agreements, monitoring closing, preparing property value study, negotiating in favor the best price and terms. It is a relief to you knowing a more personal touch is available because we understand that not every situation in Real Estate is the same and keeping in mind every transaction is unique for each individual. If you are that special person looking for property with a view, keep in mind that the cornerstone of Seas The Day Realty was built on water view and waterfront properties. Why settle for less when you have a personal touch such as ours!

Sheila Langmaid

Sheila lavenson

“My goal is to be available for my customers and to work with their best interest in mind”
Sheila was born and raised in Ipswich, Ma with family ties spanning there over one hundred years. Her unmistakable knowledge of the area and business makes her the ideal choice in helping with your real estate needs. She is a dedicated and committed realtor who goes above and beyond for her clients needs.

Sheila will be there from beginning to end in the process of buying or selling your real estate needs and will happily help you open the door to your new home. She is a Certified Buyer Agent and received her license in 2001 making real estate a full time career. Her encouragement, advice and problem solving skills will help you move forward successfully.

Lynette Vallecillo

Lynette Vallecillo

Lynette Vallecillo brings real market experience to the Seas the Day, Newburyport, MA team. Having recently purchased a home, her fresh market perspective will benefit both buyers and sellers alike. Lynette has gone through the process of buying and selling both houses and condos several times over the years. Her experience is a true benefit to her clients.For Lynette, home is a place that brings you peace and serenity, a place where you feel safe and complete, and a place to share with family and guests. Lynette knows how to make the process an enjoyable and stress-free experience, and one that meets the clients emotional and financial goals. Her positive and real-life outlook brings a clear advantage.

As a leader in the business community, Lynette has maintained a focus of finding the best for herself and her clients through her forward-thinking approach and technologically advanced skills. Her customer-focused perspective, originating from her long-standing and successful career in staffing and employment, is also reflected by her choice of joining Seas the Day Realty. When not actively working for her clients, Lynette stays active by participating in one of her many interests – skiing, boating, scuba diving, travel, yoga, cooking, reading, theater, concerts, entertaining.

Steve D'Arcy

Steve D'Arcy

Steve D’Arcy has been in the Real Estate business since 1991. His expertise is in negotiation and property issue management. He is detail orientated and keeps listings and sales in process, moving forward. Steve has lived on Plum Island for 25 years with his two dogs, but services the whole North Shore area. He also specializes in Pre-listing clean-outs , de-cluttering and “dump runs” for your convenience when selling a property. He is part of the team and can organize Staging for any property coming onto the market as well.

Steve D'Arcy Business Card

Dale Grasso


Dale been interested in Real Estate, design, construction her whole life. Her father was a Real Estate Investor, who fixed and rented property’s.
Dale has designed and built her first home that was 8000 sq feet and it incorporated a business. She is well versed in the permitting process of home building first hand. She turned hilly woods into a show place. Her second home she built and designed is a spectacular water front home. Dale knows all the complexities of good design. She specializes in practical design. This translates to being able to look at a home that may not be ideal and see its potential from a buying perspective as well as selling. She can help you see what can be done affordable to your home to make it more appealing to perspective buyers. She has a keen sense of knowing how to present homes for sale to buyers that shows off the properties finer points and is able to down play or improve lesser qualities. As well as see what can be modified in a potential home that a buyer is interested in to make it work for the buyers needs. Remember its the location of a property that makes it appealing, everything else can be changed.

Dale is not afraid to get down and dirty to help clean out and stage your home beautifully and affordably to help attract potential buyers and SELL IT!!!! YIPPIE

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